Our story begins with our name, which is derived from the agricultural Champagne province of Northeast France near Paris. It is our purpose to provide guests with a meal worthy of the fine, fresh ingredients of the region and the rich history of French cooking. Since the opening of our first restaurant in San Diego in 1987, we have been serving traditional French cuisine, recreating the authentic and cozy experience of true cafe dining in France for almost 30 years. Using local, fresh ingredients and crafting authentic cuisine has contributed to our success and allowed us to offer a growing number of quality French dishes and baked goods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, a variety of traditional desserts! With the welcoming feeling of community and the warm atmosphere of the original corner cafes in France, we strive to please every guest.

The Champagne region of France is a rich agricultural asset for the Paris culinary industry, with over 60% of the region dedicated to farming. It's the fresh, delicious ingredients that make good food great, in France and at Champagne French Bakery Cafe®..